Reply To: Connection loss and reboot issue reloaded

Ted Harper

@rpedde wrote:

You know, that could be it — if the soundbridge fetches stuff and then it changes out from under it, like a playlist changes, or something. Wonder if that could be part of it?

I don’t know if you are still tracking this, but I just had my Soundbridge go stupid (ie lose the ability to connect to any music libraries, or do anything useful at all until it was powered off-and-on) after it had worked flawlessly for about a week, playing dozens of albums, etc.

What I did, which I believe caused the Soundbridge to lunch itself internally in some way, was to stop Firefly, edit the Firefly config file and restart Firefly (probably a couple of times in quick succession) while the Soundbridge was switched on and connected to the Firefly library via RSP (even though it wasn’t actually playing any track at the time). Specifically – although I don’t think the specific change would matter – I changed the default scan time from 600 to 0 – and as soon as I had stopped fiddling with it and Firefly was running again I went out to the loungeroom and the Soundbridge couldn’t connect to any media servers (or anything).

So what I think is (sometimes, maybe timing-dependent – as far as some request cycle between the SB and Firefly) if the Soundbridge is on and connected to Firefly via RSP, and Firefly is stopped/restarted (or has some sort of config file change which it processes and reinnitialises itself), the Soundbridge can put itself into a useless state that then requires a power off/on to get functionality back.

In my case I have 2.5 Beta 10 firmware on the Soundbridge and am running the latest nightly build of Firefly (svn-1197) on Windows. To reiterate, it was running flawlessly (with no changes being made to Firefly config, no new media added, etc) right up until I edited the Firefly config file, then it was no good, as described by others also.