Reply To: Foreign characters and XML entries


@zemanel wrote:

So, what should I do. Should I go to the XML file and edit it manually by replacing things like “Cl%C3%A3” with “Clã“? Or is there some option to process such data in the latest build?

We talked about this before right? This was a ntfs drive that got moved to a unix box and is now accessed via samba? Is that right?

Until everyone stores everything in utf-8 straight-through, this kind of thing is just plain going to be a nightmare.

The files are stored as utf-16 on disk, but iTunes is obviously storing the file names as utf-8. So up-promote utf-8 to utf-16? This might take some work.

I think I have some bjork around, I’ll see if I can’t replicate it. I might not be able to — at least not on windows. I’m pretty sure I was playing with some Bjork music when I was working through playlist stuff, and it worked okay locally, so it’s probably a conversion issue on samba.