Reply To: Mt-daapd can’t find my mp3


ok, you’re new to linux, no problem 😉

the command “ps” shows a list of all running processes.
to view all instances of mt-daapd, do a “ps aux|grep mt-daapd”

the | character is a pipe.

when mt-daapd is running, there are 4-5 instances active.
to kill it, just do “killall mt-daapd”.

only the super user (root) can use “killall”.

how did you install it ?
did you do a make && make install ?
you should have a init script located in either /etc/init.d
or /usr/local/etc/init.d, depending on your prefix.

start and stop mt-daapd with this script ONLY.
the script does a few checks wether mt-daapd is already running int terminates it only then to restart it. its more comfortable that way.