Yeah, it’s crashing on some error handling code (figures).

It’s trying to find the number of items in the database with a “select count (*) from songs” and it’s getting no results.

Couple things to do — make sure the db_dir is writable by the daemon user. Also, you might try using –enable-sqlite rather than sqlite3. I’m pretty sure that will work, that’s much more exercised code.

You might also just check that db and see what’s wrong with it. Is the songs table not there?

[email protected]:~$ sqlite3 /path/to/db
sqlite> select count(*) from songs;

See what that gets you.

My guess is switching to sqlite2.x will make it work. If you want to work through it, try these things. id’ be interested in hearing your results, as I’d like to find the root cause as well.

— Ron

oh.. and the crash error should be fixed in next nightly. 🙂

p.s. If you convert your config file to a new-style config (using the -v option), then you can add a section like this:

empty_strings = 1

that I think will fix problems with older version of ourtunes/mytunes/applerecords/whatever.

— Ron