Reply To: Another stupid question


In order to solve the problem I need two pieces of information:

First, bear in mind that the XML file (as produced by iTunes in Windows) is in the same folder “Music” as all the WAV files.

For instance, the XML entry for Massive Attack’s “Better Things” is:


In this notation, the XML file would be located here:


Now for the questions:

1- how do I change the above paths so that the latest mt-daapd builds can find the metadata for my files. I.e. what should I replace “…file://localhost/F:/Music/…” with?

2- Exactly how do I force mt-daapd to process this info.
Should I just replace

#process_m3u 0

in the config file with

process_m3u = 1

(removing the # and placing =1 instead of 0)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.