Reply To: iTunes 6.0.4 doesn’t work [FIXED!]


Yup… I just got the new config stuff in yesterday or the day before, but I’m still fixing minor breakage. It should settle down in a bit and I’ll be able to add that.

Multiple mp3_dir paths should fall out of that, too. So yeah, I hope to soon.

I’ll give you a verbal diff… this is embarrasing, but there ya go… I have hardcoded the longest url/GET length it will accept. It *was* 1024. Yeah, well… with the new metacodes that iTunes 6.0.4 added, the urls passed are now huge.

Bump MAX_LINEBUFFER in webserver.c:56 to something larger (I set it to 2048, as I think that’s what wininet uses as a max, and iTunes for windows uses wininet), and it works fine.


It sucks to be so stupid.