Reply To: Nightly build for NSLU2


rpedde wrote:


I think it’s working now, though, so I’ll start building slug packages again with the next nightly.

I see the new ipkg there. So – do I have to manually install sqlite3, or will my current sqlite2 install work OK? And you say on the nightlies page:

759.7 Kb (3 d/l)
mt-daapd_cvs-20060116-1_armeb.ipk 508.2 Kb (0 d/l)

Fixes for the “can’t start enum” problems people have reported, as well as the problems with filenames with a % in their name.

some configure changes… watch for anything strange there. You will now have to specify either (or both) –enable-sqlite or –enable-sqlite3 now. You will get an error if you forget to specify one.

Errors should now display on the web interface when you try to add a playlist but it doesn’t parse. I’ll work on making those errors more descriptive — I just wanted to be able to push errors from the parser back up to the web interface.

No really big changes, then, just a bunch of fixes.

Soooo: do I need to specify “–enable-sqlite” or “–enable-sqlite3” if I’m using sqlite2? (sorry to be dense; dependencies are always a bit mind-boggling…)