Reply To: 20051117 – Playlist Questions


rpedde wrote:

That works, but it doesn’t keep the iTunes xml file in the same place as the music. So you’ll have to copy the “iTunes Music Library.xml” over to the slug.

Otherwise, that would work okay.

You could maybe use a batch file as a startup or shutdown script to copy the xml file, or perhaps run it as a scheduled task.

If you could get the .xml file copied over there periodically, then you be able to manage playlists on iTunes and have them reflected on the slug.

— Ron

Well, what I meant was having iTunes keep its library files (e.g. the xml file) on the NSLU2 by pointing relocating the My Music folder on the PC. Tried this, but apparently Windows doesn’t like those directories to be on mapped drives so that didn’t work. The other reason I guess it won’t work would be because the .xml file would be in the iTunes directory and not on the root music level of the NSLU2.