Reply To: 20051117 and transcoding…


Oh. When I had an old taglib version installed, configuring with –enable-musepack through some error messages, and I saw something about wavstreamer… then I saw a wavstreamer.c file in the source… and since the transcoding script uses wavstreamer as well, I somehow related this to the idea that in the case of musepack, the transcoding would be made through mt-daapd itself :laugh:

Now that this is clear, Musepack isn’t a problem any more… I guess for decoding mpc, mppdec would fit. All the script needs is a :

mpc_file() {
$MPPDEC –wav –prev –gain 2 “$FILE” – | $WAVSTREAMER -o $OFFSET $FORGELEN

(and the proper definition of $MPPDEC and the if clause to call this mini-function…)

And it’s working quite well (all ogg, flac and mpc now), thank you 🙂

PS: regarding the escaping from my first post: I’m not sure if removing those two lines will have any negative side effects… do you need escaping there for any other stuff maybe?