Reply To: segfault on CentOS 4


This topic is covered quite well in previous posts and in the FAQ.

Your problem is the use of the disable switch for SQLite during configuration. Development versions of mt-daapd in the nightlies after 11 March require SQLite. The disable switch was only applicable during the transitional period of the nightly builds, which could go both ways with respect to database engine; that being the version released on 05 March.

The daemon is incompatible, at present, with SQLite 3.x. Therefore, if you want to use the nightlies you must install SQLite version 2.x…period. The lack of an .rpm simply means you will need to compile from source — assuming this is possible; I am not familiar with CentOS.

Stable release 0.2.3 works, because it is based upon the old database engine, gdbm. Therefore, it has nothing to do with the presence or absence of SQLite.