Reply To: Playlist Tutorial


Nightlies are up. the smart playlist editing page is the tab called ‘smart’.

Read the nightly notes for description of valid fields, etc.

I’ve exhaustively (in the sense of “for something like 5 minutes”) tested the web interface with safari and firefox. I have fair confidence it should work on a modernish IE, too. No promises, though… but I’d be interested to hear.

Editing playlists doesn’t work, you have to delete and re-add. I know, I’m working on it. no error messages either. Again, I know.

Also, as I’ve announced before, I’m web-design-challenged. I’d welcome help with making that work better, look better, whatever.

If anyone wants to make a HTML page to serve as a “help” page for smart playlist editing (with lists of valid fields and maybe example playlists), I’d welcome it. I’d also credit you and you could be FAMOUS! Or, at least less less-well-known, if that’s worth anything. 🙂