Reply To: Playlist Tutorial


Mike: yes… any field in the database (even the ones that seem useless) will be useable for specifying playlist criteria. In the case of path, the playlist would look something like:

path includes “/some/path”

which will get translated into a sql query like:

select * from songs where path like ‘%/some/path%’

Spiral: Me too… that’s the thing that’s annoying about the slug — it’s a pain to ssh in, edit the playlist file, and restart the daemon. (okay, so that’s not a slug issue, it’s a mt-daapd issue). Would be much easier to web edit.

Course the first pass as the web-based editor with be nothing more than a textarea for freeform adding… it wouldn’t be a graphical editor thing like the iTunes smart playlist editor, but it would be cool if it eventually could become that.

Anyway… gotta stop gabbing and start coding. 🙂

— Ron