Reply To: Playlist Tutorial


Actually, I’ve been working on the smart playlist stuff pretty steadily the last week or so. I’m thiiiiis close, and rather than write a tutorial for the playlist stuff as it exists right now in nightlies (which will disappear again in favor of something more like the existing smart playlists), I’m just going to finish it up.

I hope that before the weekend, I’ll have the simpler cases working (strings and ints, but not playlists based on dates). I hope to also have the web interface for editing those at the same time. Once that’s all in place, then I’ll work on finishing up dates and stuff.

It’s just hard to get traction, because there aren’t a lot of intermediate steps. Pretty much it all works or it doesn’t, and so there won’t be any visible progress on it until all of a sudden smart playlists are back.

But I’m working on it.

— Ron