Reply To: cleaning up tags remotely


Hmm… I can tell you how I used to do it, and how I do it now.

The way I used to do it, I had two directories — one for stuff that was cleanly tagged and organized, and another for “incoming” stuff. Stuff I had just ripped, or stuff I had… uh… found lying in my front yard.

I’d tag it cleanly, apply cover art, etc, and move it where it belonged.

When I had a windows box, I used to tag stuff. It does batch tagging, has scripting capabilities, etc, and runs as an explorer shell extension — right-click extension.

That would work okay with 0.2.3, so long as you COPIED the files from incoming to live, and deleted the files in incoming. Either that, or if your mp3_dir was just the “production” files, and not the “incoming” files.

Once I became a slathering mac bigot, I sucked the files into iTunes, edited tags there. I know lots of people don’t like iTunes for tag editing, but I think it’s great.

I use rsync now to push stuff into my “main” music pile. I also keep stuff that I have in my collection that I don’t carry around with me in iTunes — I don’t carry around any Country. (my wife’s choice). So I end up with two directories in my mp3_dir — and “iTunes” directory that I rsync my mac to, and my “other” directory that has the stuff I don’t sync from my mac.

I agree that a php based tag editor would be pretty nice. I googled briefly but didn’t see one.

Maybe someone else knows of one?