Reply To: Can not retrieve next song


I’m following up on this issue. Unfortunately, it is still the same problem as dksoft reported some time ago.
Except that firefly is now running in version 1463.
If you want, I can send you the debug log file from firefly.

No, I’ve seen it. The issue is that the hifidelio doesn’t respect the Connection-Type: Close header. It’s possible I could keepalive the connection, but it would mean that transcoding wouldn’t work, as I don’t know how long the song is until I finish transcoding it. It also means I’d have to keep some kind of quirks table, and special case that player.

Which is doable, but frankly isn’t high on my todo list.

If you bump me on it periodically, though, you’d probably have better luck with it moving up the priority list. 🙂

— Ron