Reply To: Avahi support


I’ve got a cheap motherboard with a craptastic SiS IDE controller that has a PCI id that isn’t recognized by the SiS 5513 driver.

So it works okay without it, just no DMA. Don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve run a system with DMA disabled, but wow! Does it suck!

So I got that going — the ubuntu make-kpkg works the same as debian’s, although the kernel package somehow forgets to mkinitrd/mkinitramfs, but I caught it before I rebooted, so that’s okay.

But now that I’ve got a custom kernel, I have to build the nvidia stuff from scratch. So I finally find the nvidia-kernel-source (why would it be in Universe, when there are packages that reference it in the “blessed” package list?). Anyway, got that figured out, but keep getting glx errors.

I gave up on building official debian-style nvidia packages, so I was going to just punt and use the nvidia build-from-source script installer thing, but that didn’t work either.. I kept getting segfaults in gcc-3.4, which I figured was hardware problems, but I ran the machine on diags all night and didn’t come up with any ram errors (which is what I would have thought a segfaulting gcc would indicate).

So anyway, no real luck.

I might keep struggling with it for a while, but I’m not hopeful. 🙂

Bottom line, I guess, is that every os sucks. Some just more than others. (I’m talking about you, Windows).