Reply To: NSLU2 playlist setup for Win iTunes


Well, I am still befuddled.

The .xml playlist file was copied from my windows directory:
C:Documents and SettingsJohnMy DocumentsMy MusiciTunes
to my NSLU2 mp3 directory.

mt-daapd was then started with the -d9 debug flag.

The logfile indicates that the mt-daapd finds the mp3’s:
2005-07-05 20:58:55: Executing: BEGIN TRANSACTION
2005-07-05 20:58:55: Rows: 0
2005-07-05 20:58:55: Scanning for MP3s in /share/hdd/data/public/mp3
2005-07-05 20:58:55: Found /share/hdd/data/public/mp3/40 Greatest Drinking Songs

After much scanning the playlists are pulled from the the .xml Win iTunes database, the songs are referenced by the the itunes track number (this is my “Alternative” playlist entry).
2005-07-05 21:03:04: Creating playlist for Alternative
2005-07-05 21:03:04: Executing: select * from playlists where path=’/share/hdd/data/public/mp3/iTunes Music Library.xml’ and idx=12083
2005-07-05 21:03:04: Executing: select count(*) from playlists where upper(title)=upper(‘Alternative’)
2005-07-05 21:03:04: Executing: insert into playlists (title,type,items,query,db_timestamp,path,idx) values (‘Alternative’,3,0,NULL,1120611784,’/share/hdd/data/public/mp3/iTunes Music Library.xml’,12083)
2005-07-05 21:03:04: Rows: 1
2005-07-05 21:03:04: Executing: select id from playlists where title=’Alternative’
2005-07-05 21:03:04: Adding itunes track #843

The playlists are then added to the database:
2005-07-05 21:03:06: Executing: SELECT * FROM playlists
2005-07-05 21:03:06: Updating playlist counts for Library
2005-07-05 21:03:06: Executing: UPDATE playlists SET items=(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM songs WHERE 1) WHERE id=1
2005-07-05 21:03:07: Rows: 1
2005-07-05 21:03:07: Updating playlist counts for Alternative
2005-07-05 21:03:07: Executing: UPDATE playlists SET items=(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM playlistitems WHERE id=2) WHERE id=2

So, I have playlists, but no files within them. mt-daapd obviously finds the songs and uses the itunes reference number for each. It then finds the playlists, and the associated itunes song/reference number.

My problems (that the playlists are empty) would seem to be the relative location of the file or referencing the location of the song. Any Win iTunes users crack this nut yet?

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