Reply To: Do I ever get this to work


mDNSProxyResponderPosix test test _daap._tcp. 3689
mDNSResponder: startQuery – no initialized DNS
mDNSResponder: ERROR: startQuery – -65545 (keeping question in list for retransmission
mDNSResponder: hndlLookupSOA: startInternalQuery returned error -65545 (breaking until next periodic retransmission)
Made Service Records for test._daap._tcp.local.
Service test._daap._tcp.local. now registered and active

No there aren’t any errors before this. I’m using a 32bit Intel CPU as you thought it would be.
And there really aren’t any other running. I checked it using netstat …. And about the firewall. I configured it for multicast traffic. And I deleted Howl also.

And @Velociped. I don’t know what you mean with QandA Traffic?