Reply To: Do I ever get this to work


Well, as I said before in this topic I have already tried mDNSResponderPosix. But I did it again, this is what the console sais:
mDNSResponder: startQuery – no initialized DNS
mDNSResponder: ERROR: startQuery – -65545 (keeping question in list for retransmission
mDNSResponder: hndlLookupSOA: startInternalQuery returned error -65545 (breaking until next periodic retransmission)
Made Service Records for test._daap._tcp.local.
Service test._daap._tcp.local. now registered and active

I changed the IP adress to the right one I use on my network ( It gives a few errors as you can see. It isn’t showing up in iTunes as well. And you said it should be a firewall issue … I told you guys before, I configured them (yes all the firewalls on my network) well and it is also happening when I shut them all off. Also when I use one of the other computers on my network as the server using iTunes itself it works. And I use firestarter as firewall on my linux box and it is also not showing up when I shutted it off.