Reply To: Do I ever get this to work


Yup, I’m with you, it looks like a rendezvous thing.

Stuff to check:

1. do a “ps” on your linux box and make sure there isn’t anything related to mdns running. No mDNSResponder, no mDNSProxyResponder, no nifd, no nothing. You might try uninstalling howl as well (apt-get remove –purge howl).

You said you already downloaded and compiled the apple mdns stuff… let’s use that for testing.

Run this:

mDNSProxyResponderPosix test test _daap._tcp. 3689

You should see a server called “test” pop up in your iTunes. If not, then you have firewall issues.

If it *does* pop up, then….

2. Try making sure your servername is something short with no special characters, plain latin1, no spaces, and, say… less than 8 characters. “test” might be good. 🙂

The length limit should be regular dns length limit, and it should accept utf-8, but let’s start with something simple first.

3. Again, make sure you don’t have any other mdns things running.

4. Use netstat to make sure nothing is listening on udp port 5353 — a double-check on the stopping the mdns stuff.

5. Edit your config file to point the mp3_dir to an empty directory. Then start mt-daapd with a -d9 and a logfile specified in your config file. Let it run a bit, then stop it and take a look at the log file. Hopefully it will tell you something informative.

— Ron