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@blamm wrote:

I have also discovered that VLC will play FLACs from Firefly using the above method without the “never_transcode” trick. Is Firefly doing something odd with the FLACs?

Ya. I can’t tell whether or not a downlevel client can play a flac, so I always transcode flac files. Sadly, some clients that *can* play flac files *can’t* play wav files (rhythmbox, I’m looking at you).

If there is a client that I know for a fact can play a file type, I can set whether or not it can handle a particular codec type (using the user-agent), but so many clients say they are iTunes that I can’t use that reliably.

I do accept a header value called “accept-codecs” that lists the codecs it can play, and I think there are a couple linux players now that pass that value so I can automatically determine what to transcode, but not all of them have it, hence the ability to hand-tune whether or not to transcode flac.

If that makes sense.