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@bartik wrote:

PS: The modification of java can be automated, just adding a option into the config file and when doing the make install a sed script inserts the configured prefix. But I had to mark the replacement spots in the javascript, just a thought. But alas I can do this only when I have the source (here no problem with daap the sources are available). So at the end I wouldn’t bother anybody if the daapjavaclient source would be available 🙂 Is it anyway? Then the replacement in daapjavaclient source and creation of the jar file could be automated also? (here I’m not sure again so feel free to correct me)

I don’t actually have the source to the thing, and I’m not a java guy. I can’t remember offhand who did that either. It’s in the forums somewhere. I think some folks have tried to contact the guy and ask to have it posted on or something, but I’m not sure where that went.