Reply To: Web-based DAAP client



yes that sounds reasonable. Uhm. Wait, if I have another something redirected from /rsp well not likely, but what about the /databases ? Yes doing the rewrite this way would work as long as:
1) You don’t have another redirection with the same name to another “backend” which collides with those used by mtdaap.
2) the thing is what to do with suffixes like /xml-rpc?method=stats xml-rpc requests might be for different app not the daap. This is the most probable clash point. (I’m not sure about this part so correct me please if I’m wrong)

Adding the prefix would also have the advantage of not caring much about the changes in the java code. And probably the mtdaap prefix is also pretty much unique. Well but the question is, will it work for the applet ? (well I’ll try and report – it won’t see below the constructs the whole URL)


PS: The modification of java can be automated, just adding a option into the config file and when doing the make install a sed script inserts the configured prefix. But I had to mark the replacement spots in the javascript, just a thought. But alas I can do this only when I have the source (here no problem with daap the sources are available). So at the end I wouldn’t bother anybody if the daapjavaclient source would be available 🙂 Is it anyway? Then the replacement in daapjavaclient source and creation of the jar file could be automated also? (here I’m not sure again so feel free to correct me) (line 49)
_url = new URL(“http://”+server+”:”+port+”/”+requestString);
I would need:
_url = new URL(“https://”+server+”/mtdaap/”+requestString);