Reply To: Web-based DAAP client



thanks for taking time for this. The point is, that my reverse proxy has this setting:

location /mtdaap/ {
proxy_pass http://localhost:3689/

which roughly means, that every request to will be forwarded to the http://localhost:3689/. Now if you generate the part (hopefully, but maybe you generate the whole URL) then of course it doesn’t work (because the whole web address looks like and this doesn’t include /mtdaap/ so my reverseproxy doesn’t know where to forward it). What I need is adding the /mtdaap/ part to what you generate so it would look like /mtdaap/ So the final URL when it gets the web address will look like I know this is only for me (and those who choose the same forwarding schema) but it would be nice. If you know about another way how to achieve the same effect I’m open to suggestions.