Reply To: Web-based DAAP client


I’m using the nginx reverse proxy to forward requests to mt-daapd. Nginx terminates the https and maps the URL to the localhost/port combination. For the static html pages this doesn’t present a problem. For the javascript it does. I modified the config.js, playlists.js, whatever else *.js there is to overcome this limitation (I modified all the Ajax.Request occurences adding the desired prefix /mtdaap to the constructed url’s.) Now my problem is that I would like to modify this way also the DAAPapplet used to play the mp3’s but I’m now stuck about how to do this. I’ve extracted the included jar file. Are the java sources in there somewhere ? I have also downloaded AppleRecords to strip the thing down myself but it seems a lot of laborious work just to modify the links in the end. Can anyone help me to get the sources for this modified DAAPclient ?