Reply To: Web-based DAAP client


@w1ll14m wrote:

Is there a known script that connects to firefly from a different webserver,
so i could listen music from anywhere in the internet.

I don’t know of one specifically, but the database is sqlite, and it probably wouldn’t take much to make a php front-end for it.

would it be possible to let apache connect to mt-daapd server side and then stream the files to the internet like kplaylist (php based) does.

All the music can be streamed as http://server/rsp/stream/, if you know the song id (which is in the database).

Also that would be a verry nice feature 🙂

Yes. I want to make a new output module that lets you browse and build playlists of music so you can listen over the web, but I haven’t really gotten it all together yet. Have some other bugs and stuff to fix. I’ll get there soonish, though.