Reply To: 050522 Nightly: XML Playlists

Spiral Scratch

Thanks for the response.

WRT your lamentation, “Unless Apple start allowing playlist creation…against a networked library…” …One simply needs to mount the library tree as a volume locally, point iTunes to that directory as the “iTunes Music folder location” in the Advanced tab and manage the files as if they were local (e.g. altering ID3 tag data, creating playlists,
burning disks, etc).

If I understand you correctly I tried this once. As I recall, it worked fine for one user but when two or more machines were setting the music library as the master there was no way to synch up the individual local .xml files between users.

I’m still working on the process to move local files to the server…but it involves:

  1. Copy user music files from to a temporary folder on my own xp machine
  2. Importing them into my iTunes managed Master library where I clean up the tags etc.
  3. Synching the adds/changes/deletes to the Linux MusicServer