Reply To: 050522 Nightly: XML Playlists


Can you the the following info for me?

1. Absolute path of the iTunes Music Library.xml
2. The value of “Music Folder” in your iTunes Music Library.xml (should be one of the first lines)

WRT the playlist editing… yes, a web-based playlist editor (for both static and “smart” playlists) will be provided.

Also, an xml-rpc interface will be (is already!) available. It is being documented here:

i hope to expose all configuration info, as well as playlist info and browse/search info. So ideally you could write your own iTunes via xml-rpc, including the ability to manage playlists and everything.

It will be possible to hit the database directly, too, although there might be some locking problems… During full scans, the database is held in a transaction, which locks the database until the scan is done.

It might be worth having a configuration option to not use transactions if someone had a third-party client that hit the DB directly via php or something.

Anyway, yeah… I want to encourage everyone to write their own interfaces to the thing — that’s one of the nice things about having an open format backend database.

— Ron