Reply To: Album art in AIFF files


As far as progress, I haven’t worked on anything other than the iTunes xml stuff for the last week. I’ve got tons of backlogged stuff, but I just wanted to get through the xml stuff.

That’s done, btw… playlists appear to be working. I’m going to roll that up into a nightly this afternoon.

wrt to the embedded images, the only tag types that support embedded images are mp3 and aac. Well, that’s not true, you could embed images in wma, also, or even .wav, but iTunes won’t play a wma, and won’t display images in a .wav. So you could “force” it be be embedded by converting the wav to a mp3 and embedding a picture in it (even doing it on the fly), but then you will have obviated the whole point of keeping your music in AIFF format — you are no longer in a lossless format.

As far as embedding art in mp3’s go, that’s documented here:

The tag you are looking for is “APIC”.

— Ron