Reply To: ogg 20050501 sqlite issues


Try this patch.

Like a moron, I forgot to run it before I started hacking it up, so I’m not sure that the content type was really the issue, but that’s what’s fixed in this patch, and I verified I can play a transcoded ogg file.

wrt to the length munging — if you configure it with –enable-oggvorbis, it will determine the song length itself and properly pass the forge length. I suspect you didn’t configure it like that and the ogg files are showing up as “continuous”.

Oh, and if you do that, you’ll need to rescan the ogg files.. either run mt-daapd with a “-r” for rescan, or:

foo@bar$ sqlite /path/to/songs.db
sqlite>update songs set force_update=1 where type='ogg';

Let me know how it works.

— Ron [file name=transcodefix.patch.txt size=972][/file]

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