Reply To: mt-daapd crashes suddenly – disk spindown?


Aha. *that* sounds like a memory leak.

My guess is that it’s slowly leaking memory on rescans — with frequent rescans on lots of files, it would cause more memory loss, until the slug runs out of memory and the OOM killer reaps it.

I haven’t run memory or fd leak checks on it yet, but I bet that’s it. I’ll valgrind out the obvious memory leaks this weekend.

— Ron

obtw – to go back to stable, just “ipkg remove mt-daapd”, “ipkg update”, and “ipkg install mt-daapd”. That should pull latest version from the stable feeds. (, although I might backport that cover-art fd leak patch into a if I get to it this weekend).

The last “stable” snapshot was the the march 5th snapshot. If you want transcoding, but want a more stable db backend, that’s the one to use. After march 5th, it’s sqlite only, and a huge refactoring of the whole program. If you aren’t using transcoding, there really isn’t a reason not to use the stable version in unslung, unless you just want to play with it. Just be aware that the stability isn’t there like it is in stable.

Hence the name, i guess. 🙂