Reply To: open files with art_filename


volker: it actually *should* work with m4p — there isn’t a hash or anything on the metadata, as I understand it, it’s just the mdat atom that’s encrypted, and as long as one doesn’t mess with mdat or wherever the IV is stored (can’t remember off the top), I think you can do whatever you want.. upshot should be that it will work.

All my m4ps are off my machine on backup, but I guess I could dig one up and check it.

I’ll turn that one, and see if I can find the leak in the mp3 file handle.

CCR: That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, I just don’t know how you would specify that in the config file. Maybe that could be a “secret” fallback… if it doesn’t find the art_filename specified, then just try the filename.

Or vice versa. Check the filename.jpg, and then the art_filename.

Lemme mess with it.