Reply To: setup error…id3tag.h not found???


I’m not really a redhat guy, I’m a debian guy, but..

copy the mt-daapd.conf and mt-daapd.playlist from the contrib directory into /etc

copy contrib/mt-daapd into /etc/init.d

do a chkconfig –add mt-daapd

edit /etc/mt-daapd.conf to taste, and then do chkconfig service mt-daapd start.

If it’s a core3 clone, then you have howl and oggvorbis libs, so you can compile with those. In fact, if you build a new RPM (which I’d suggest), then you can use the fc3 specfile.

Building rpms is definately the way to go — the files are all tracked by rpm, and you don’t shoot yourself in the foot stomping on RPM files with selfinstalled files.