Reply To: cvs-20050320 issues: Playlists, intern. char.


I wonder where iTunes stores it’s playlists
and if they are easy to access and read out, I bet it’s XML. Couldn’t find them in obvious places

Yup, it’s in the “iTunes Music Library.xml” in your ~/Music directory. The playlists are readable, but the playlist definitions are not. Sadly.

mt-daapd on Cobalt Qube (300 MHz) to iBook over 11Mbps WLAN is approx. 1:00-1:15 minutes.

iTunes on iBook to iTunes on a Windows XP box over 11Mbps WLAN is approx. 0:15 minutes.

Some of that is probably CPU, but not all of it, I wouldn’t think. I know one place I can shave some time off. Let me implement that and see what that does in the next nightly.

— Ron