Win XP install for Roku SB 1000

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    @Matt Dralle wrote:

    I’m having sort of a similar problem. I’ve got the latest version of FF and am trying access a remote mount from an XP system.

    I’ve tried mounting the remote drive two different ways:

    1) Mounting to a drive letter (e.g. X:mp3)

    2) Mounting directly to the share (e.g. \hostmp3)

    In both cases, the standard Windows version of FF doesn’t find any songs.

    But here’s the weird part. If I run the debug version of FF, it finds all of the songs!! And, with either method 1) or 2) as described above.




    You have to have the service log on as a user that has permissions to that share. check control panel -> admin tools -> services on the “logon” tab for the Firefly service.

    — Ron

    Matt Dralle

    Sweet! That was it! Might want to add that to the documention some where.



Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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