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    Hi everyone,

    I made this simple to use script that allows you to view and remove all your songs in your database.
    The script is in PHP and uses the SQLite3 lib.

    Where can i download it?
    I attached it to this Post. I want you to be able to download and use it any time you want so i thought it would be best not to use my server.

    Can i Pass it on
    By all means, please pass it on. Just remember to mention my name. I did spend time doing this for you all and am not hosting on my servers so am not getting any revenue.

    Can I help?
    You can! Send me a message and i’ll see what i can do. So far its all text based and no images or CSS. Designer would be great. Also the script is pretty simple so far. You can only view or remove. I think in the next release there will be edit field option and a search. Any programmers out there?

    And that’s about it
    Please use and pass it on

    I hope I helped you and FireFly
    Thank-you again
    Paul Hutchinson

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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