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    Thanks for the reply. I tried to move the SW to a SuSE 10.3 machine (Quad Core). After battling with 64 bit library problems I get the SW to build and so far it has been streaming for hours without problems.

    This machine does have a never version of the pThreads library installed and it reports 2.6.1 as far as configuration. Same version of the mt-daapd and same build flags (the same specs file).

    Banshee does run on this machine, but it is unable to install the daapd plugin. I’ll look at this later.

    What other versions of pthreads have been used here:

    run this command to get the version:


    SuSE 10.3 reports 2.6.1
    SuSE 10.2 reports 2.5

    There must be some difference between these two implementations. Whatever they are they seems to be causing this problem. This might need to be reflected in the specs file such that it then later can be reflected in the corresponding rpm or whatever package format you prefer.



    Not exactly a great explanation that I provided on the Banshee problem.

    Banshee will correctly load the library and present all the songs no problem, but when playback is started the song is immediately skipped and the next one is started. So Bamshee quickly goes through all 1400 songs in the library – actually so quickly that FF has a problem keeping up.

    This is happening with Banshee 0.12.0-3.1 which is the standard Banshee under SuSE 10.2. I’m sure that there is a newer version around.
    I’ll download and try that one.



    Are you sure that you have the correct codecs and backends installed?
    Some distros handle the lack of mp3 codecs in an awful manner. 😕


    I got the information.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for the info. 😆

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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