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    I have a problem that a few of the tracks in my library are coming up as “continuous” instead of having a time listed. I orginally noticed it after I started running Firefly and had left a CD I had recently imported in the drive for a few days after iTunes had imported it. I figured it was from leaving it in there too long and I didn’t really worry about it. Now I have about 35 .mp3s that are listed as “continuous” and I can’t find any corelation between them. Some have been added since I started running Firefly, some where from my original import into Firefly, and some are songs i’ve never even played. Can any one help out here?

    As a side note, I keep getting an error in the Firefly log of (4e9fefdb): iconv error: unknown (2) about every 10 minutes

    Extra details: all machines are running XP Home or Pro with Firefly running on one with Home, firefly version is svn-1696, and iTunes version on that PC is

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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