The case for reviving Firefly

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    Glad to see this project going forward again. I still running the venerable r1586 and use it every day. I am also glad my account was not deleted 😀


    Hi there,
    I’m very new to firefly and like it very much. I too believe, there’s much more potential…

    I just got it up and running on an eBox as music-server (even quite difficult flacs coming into Rhythmbox and iTunes v8.xx with the help of this script:

    Please, go on with the project!

    kindest regards to everybody involved


    I would like to take part in development too.

    I have 4+ years of Python/Java experience. I can help with web server part.

    Is there already new repo/branch/trunk?


    Hi ! I’m glad to see this moving again!
    I run firefly svn-1696 in my NSLU2 for two and a half years now and happy with it. The occasional hiccups is what made me check this forum regularly.

    IMHO we should create a wiki to help coders and debuggers with the general structure of the code and to document it in a very abstract level. I offer to donate some of my time to do this.

    I’m also good at analyzing core dumps and stuff and could help with that, with the occasional patch.

    Please contact me at arpena at if I could help.


    I too, am still here.

    I have been checking the forums from time to time, and been dismayed by its apparent death.
    I am really pleased that it is being picked up again, if only I had the linux skills to assist in its continued development.
    I can repair the Soundbridges of course, and in my opinion firefly is their lifeblood.

    I use nothing but firefly all the time, solely for Roku units. I run it on Buffalo Linkstations. I have two LSII’s each running two instances each.

    I am no developer I am afraid, I just repair Soundbridges of course.

    If I can be of assistance in any way (maybe even moderating the forum) then please let me know.

    Thanks chaps for helping keep this alive.





    I am new to this forum … but I have been using Firefly for more than two years now. I am really happy to see that the project is gaining some momentum again. I would also like to help, but right now some serious coding work is not an option (too much of this at my work) … I have some experience in graphic design and web interfaces and I can fit work like that quite well among my usual activities. So I will try to stay around (follow twitter feeds) in case some help in this area will be needed.



    This is great to see, I’d like to think I could help out, but as with other’s I don’t have much spare time. My use of Firefly is solely on Windows Home Server, and anyway I can increase the integration in that area I would be more than happy to do.

    I would also be interested in helping maintain the windows install package (either the current NSIS version) or a port to WiX which would enable a standard .msi package to be generated.

    However core mt-daap coding is probably going to be out of my scope at the moment.

    Regards, Nic


    @andrew40 wrote:

    I need developers…

    I am interested in contributing. Most of my open source development has been via projects in academia. It’s been a while since I’ve done vanilla C (I tend to do more C++), but I am game in seeing this software improve.

    I realize things are in transition, but I would be interested in participating in a discussion of what the state of the software is and where we think work is most needed. Are there efforts to migrate the wiki? I tend to prefer a wiki for assembling wish lists and the like.

    Also, I’m kinda intrigued by the post, ?f=2&t=29772#p46441, which announces a rewrite called (a bit unimaginatively 😉 ) “forked-daapd”. I tend to sympathize with some of the sentiments expressed in the blog entry referenced in the message (although I personally cannot attest their applicability to the current firefly code specifically). It might be interesting to see if there is something worth paying attention to or even consider joining forces.


    I’d like to get involved in clearing the bugs in the existing codebase. For me it’d be a bit of a “project”, my coding skills are varied but practice is intermittent.

    I use Firefly daily, it serves up my FLAC library via iTunes and the significant problems I’ve encountered are:
    1) m3u file parsing doesn’t manage extended character set (é, ó, etc)
    2) FLACs over a certain length aren’t transcoded – it’s somewhere around 18mins
    otherwise, the SVN1696 build has been running stable over the last 18 months of heavy use.

    I’d find it useful if someone could provide a guide around the source, how fixes would be reviewed, etc.



    My third nslu2 is not used at the moment.
    I could install a slug-OS of your choice and do some testing.


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