The case for reviving Firefly

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    I would also like to help out – also a project manager and a lot of background in startups but nothing open source.

    iTunes 9 seems to have broken firefly on my readynas pro. Really want Playlist creation feature built into firefly

    Happy to donate a slice on if helpful.

    I agree, best idea would be the take current source code, and start a new project with forums, website etc etc.



    I’d be glad to test new builds. I’ve got a PS3 (DLNA client), several instances of iTunes on different platforms, a couple generations of iPod Touches, and a couple of Archos media players. I also have an extensive music library, and if nothing else, can easily scale-test the software.

    I first discovered Firefly looking under the hood of a Promise NS4300 (a 4-bay home NAS device). While I no longer have that device, I would -love- to have a decent music server running on my Linux file server. I’ve pulled down build 1696, and am working on getting it running on a RHEL 5.3 machine.

    I can do basic hackery, but don’t consider myself a developer. I love doing QA, documenting bugs, and doing systems architecture.


    In case anyone here would be interested, I have a Firefly rewrite available at

    Announcement at

    Linux-only, some new features, some gone. Like it or hate it, if you happen to like it, I do take patches ๐Ÿ™‚ The paint might still be wet in some corners, I’ve not had a lot of time since I completed the initial rewrite but I plan on reviewing the code sometime soon.

    You can clone the git tree from git://


    Ok, we seem to have enough people interested.

    I am prepared to host forum on new server, and make some of you moderators if you want. My company will prepare new site and hopefully will have a chat with Ron on the brand.
    I would like someone on board who has experience and time to work with with GIT and SVN to ensure that is properly managed and ensure developers have proper access.

    Any ideas, start pinging me andrew(at)



    Well, I missed a lot of the above – probably due to the levels of spam ๐Ÿ™„

    Not a programmer, but have used firefly on a Mac for a fair old time now and can attest to some of the glitches that Ron never quite got ironed out on Mac OS and the workarounds. Also on a NSLU2, which is my primary server, and willing to beta test on the Mac and iTouch. More than happy to pitch in to revitalise a top piece of s/w. Get me at agreenacre {at} hotmail {dot} com


    It all seems to have gathered pace now.

    I have had some email communication with Ron today, and he seems very pleased that it is now moving on as he simply doesn’t have the time to put into it. We are sorting some issues out with Roku, and branding and the domain name, but hopefully these are only minor.

    We are setting up a new forum and going to try and export some of the more helpful posts across to a more spam resistant version. I have already had a couple of offers to moderate and a couple of developers.

    So now we need to get this project moving, we need some pretty good developers, a code manager who can manage a code repository and keep that part of the forum up to date, a packager.

    I have a new website being prepared and logo if we cannot use the existing, I am preferring a new look to show that the project is really moving and get some big backing as it has had a lot of publicity in the past which we need to grow.

    Any ideas gratefully received



    @andyg wrote:

    Well, I missed a lot of the above – probably due to the levels of spam ๐Ÿ™„

    The spam volume is significant. Something like 18,000 posts in 4 months.
    The deleted thread count is about to exceed the total number of legitimate posts
    The bots that post into legitimate threads are the worst & take longer to delete despite being <10% of the total spam volume


    @stretch wrote:

    Source code is currently in Sourceforge under the old project name.
    As for the rest. I have no idea where to start so if you want to start a new project then by all means go for it

    Fizze made me a forum moderator simply because i was reporting huge volumes of the stuff.

    If you get a new project going, I’d like to help out with the wiki & as a forum moderator.

    Ok I have a forum setup, working with Ron to get the good posts from this forum to the new one somehow.

    Yes we need a wiki, so we can set that up if you tell me which software to use for the wiki.


    Count me in. The Firefly project deserves more than being buried in spam….


    Just discovered mt-daapd: It’s a great project and I agree: it does not deserve to be buried. I would like to help in some way, at least by translating in italian, since i don’t know so much about modern computer programming.

    I’m devoted to Ubuntu and, searching in launchpad, I’ve seen that there is already a page for the projec, and a maintainer too: check the url I guess he’s the one who packages the application for new distribution’s releases.
    Maybe keep in touch with Ubuntu community would be a good thing because the high visibility of the distribution.

    If there is some way I can help, tell me and I’ll be glad to help during the spare time. When I have it… ๐Ÿ™


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