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    Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone involved in this project – especially Ron. I’ve been running stable Win32 Firefly for about a year on an IBM M-Pro with super results; about 1/2 of my library is 320k MP3, with the other half compressed with FLAC via MediaMonkey.

    Several weeks ago, I was down in our media room and during a quiet passage in a movie, heard the fans roaring in the IBM tower in the utility closet… and at that point, I decided that there had to be a better way to serve music to my Soundbridges. If for no other reason, the energy wasted by that full-sized PC was a major motivator for me.

    Being a Win32 guy (I work for a major PC software company), I was reluctant to go the Linux route, but having cut my teeth in this business on SunOS 4.1.3 and Apollo Domain, I figured… “why not?”. A hundred dollars later, I had a new NSLU2 and a 4Gb Kingston Traveler stick. I pulled out an older Maxtor 250Gb One-Touch that had been parked in the closet for about a year… and after about 8 hours of learning by doing, I have a sweet music server running 1696-svn on Unslung 6.10b. I won’t say that it wasn’t frustrating at times; but any issues can clearly be attributed to my ignorance… the information on this site, in these forums, made all of the difference in getting this little wonder up and running to replace my old dedicated PC server.

    This weekend, I’m starting on a project to build an accurate PC rip-station. I’ve looked at the commercial alternatives, and I’m realizing that I can do this myself… and of course, I’ll be running Linux on this machine.

    Thanks again to everyone for your (silent) support and efforts in building this great piece of Open Source code… and again – thank you, Ron!



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