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    Hi all

    Recently I continued the development of “SoundBox”, the standalone firefly-client for Windows.
    You may download the most recent english version here:

    Don’t forget to specify the correct hostname of your firefly server in the settings tab.

    Your comments are welcome.




    Interesting. Why only build for Win32?
    What libraries did you base the program on?

    I didnt get to try this piece of software out just yet, but it’s certainly on my list 😉


    The GUI is based on QT which would make it easy for porting to other platforms as well. But actually I use a QaxWidget as the player, which is only supported in the Windows-QT (don’t see a reason for this).
    If there is an easy way to embed a streaming enabled C++ library in my code, it shoud work on OSX / Linux without any problem. If somebody has an idea for this, let me know!


    The final release 2.0 is now ready for download (german and english language):

    The following new features (among others) are available:

    – advanced shuffle mode
    – searching based on server-playlists (smart playlists)
    – direct download of selected files
    – separate search/library and playlist (so you can search for new files while listening to existing playlist)

    Please let me know wheter you like the app!

    If somebody has an idea about how to replace the QaxWidget-functionality in Mac / Linux version of QT, i would be happy to add support for those OS’s as well!

    Regards, Markus


    just found out, that QT offers a platform independent audio engine.
    I’ll release a version of SoundBox for Mac OS X in the next few days. Releases for Linux should be possible as well.


    Version 2.1 for Windows (2000 / XP / Vista) and Mac OS X (10.4 / 10.5 PPC & Intel) released (use link above).
    The application is now multilingual (currently German and English). Additional languages may be added on request.

    If you have any problems during the install, if you find bugs or if you would like to see additional features, feel free to contact me at soundbox [at] (remove NOSPAM..).


    new versions 2.2.5 (Mac) and 2.2.7 (Win) contain bugfixes (play was not working on some windows clients, multiple file download crashed sometimes..) as well as new functionality (e.g. crossfade).
    You may download your copy here:

    Thanks for your feedback!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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