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    Living in Germany I miss Radio 4 from the BBC and have been trying to get Firefly to transcode RealAudio streams for my Roku Soundbridge.

    The good news is that with a bit of hacking, I have had a degree of success. I can now stream from Firefly on a macbook to iTunes on a macmini.

    BUT when I try my Roku, I get a message “Incompatible servers found”. The weird thing is that this only happens when I compile mt-daapd with transcoding options. If I use Firefly svn-1696 .dmg download then everything works just fine. So I don’t think it is a Roku or a multi-cast router problem

    I suspect the problem is with Rendezvous. When I start up the server I get a lot of messages: “The process has forked and you cannot use this CoreFoundation functionality safely. You MUST exec().” It does, however, start serving files.

    When I looking at syslog, I see the following:

    Jul 21 20:21:03 MacBook mt-daapd[17394]: Registering rendezvous names
    Jul 21 20:21:05 MacBook mDNSResponder[18]: 10027: Client application registered 2 identical instances of service FireflyonMacbook._daap._tcp.local. port 1024

    It looks as though mt-daapd is trying to register twice and I suspect that may then cause the Roku problem.

    This is at the border of my technical skills. Has anyone else come across this and can help?

    Alternatively, does anyone know where I could find the compile options used by the released version?

    Thanks in advance,


    Send an eMail to ron at NOSPAM pedde dot com – with any luck he’ll tell you the magic switches 😉

    But anyway, I don’t think the mDNS responder has to be used for the mac build, since OS X has bonjouor included anyway. Maybe it just helps to disable the builtin responder…?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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