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    firefly has been running great until recently on my ubuntu 9.10 box. Now it simply wont serve songs anymore.

    I’ve completely uninstalled it, removed the database, and removed all configuration files.

    I’ve reinstalled it, and pointed it to a directory with a single mp3 file.

    I’ve changed the debug level to 9.

    When I kick off the mt-daapd server, the log file spits out a lot of stuff, (debug level 9, remember) and then it says

    2010-03-24 09:14:34 (fe91dc1b): Serving 1 songs.  Startup complete in 0 seconds

    Great! However, when I go to the web interface, it says:

    Uptime 19 minutes, 20 seconds
    Songs 1
    Songs Served 0
    DB Version 2

    And then, when I go to my soundbridge, it tells me “No Music Libraries Found”

    I know that the soundbridge is functioning, since I can still do internet radio stations with it.

    Any ideas why the log file says one thing, the web interface says another, and the Soundbridge can’t see anything?

    – Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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