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    @fizze wrote:

    There are no traces of a working DAAP-Plugin for Songbird. It’s been mentioned a couple of times on the forum.

    I saw over at the Songbird site that someone asked about DAAP support and they said it is in development, but is not a top priority. I guess we can only wait and see. That is one slick app.


    WiFiTunes ( is a DAAP client in the sense that it connects to a DAAP server and streams music off it.

    …Actually, only mp3 files.

    …And, now that I think about it, it’s closed-source, slow, crashes a lot, and severely limited.

    But, on the bright side, it’s the only option I know of for Windows Mobile-powered smartphones and PDAs. And if all you want to do is listen to mp3s in your library, it works. Usually.

    My favorite feature is when you try to play a song larger than about 10 MB, the program skips to the next song, as it’s written to store the entire file in program memory (which is severely limited in Windows Mobile).


    Banshee has recently been announced for OS X. Support isn’t 100% yet, but they will really go cross platform soon. It seems that we can expect a port to Windows in a reasonable time, too. 🙂


    @mas wrote:

    Winamp DAAP Client plugin =

    I also tried this a while ago. It is not really local only – one can use RendezvousProxy to have it access remote shares.

    BUT, and its a big but, the thing does appear to be quite buggy and and in pre-alpha state.

    It doesnt support passworded DAAP servers, it has bugs when the DAAP share changes after it read it and so on. Plus the version is from 2006. No development since then doesnt sound very active…

    Would be nice if this plugin was as actively developed as fireflash. But as it is its not very recommendable yet.

    On the contrary, I can highly recommend it. In keeping with WinAmp’s design philosophy, it’s small, does exactly what it sets out to do, and no more. It’s worked fine for me for a year or so now – obviously it might not work for everyone, but it certainly does work on a normal WinXP / WinAmp installation.

    There is also an mDNS dll which means you don’t actually need Bonjour installed.

    Of the others I use an SB (fine) and Rhythmbox (better – it does crossfading). I used to use Amarok but it cuts out about 10 seconds before the end of every track, which is really irritating. I assume it doesn’t do that to everybody, but it always did to me.




    For Windows and Mac OS X: SoundBox ( )


    @fizze wrote:

    There are no traces of a working DAAP-Plugin for Songbird. It’s been mentioned a couple of times on the forum.

    A Daap client is now available for Songbird:

    This is currently only compatible with Songbird 1.0 RC1 & RC2.


    I’ve just tested v0.05 of this plugin using Songbird 1.0 RC3.

    It works, and that’s it. You cannot filter or browse the contents of a DAAP share (yet), so it is useless for navigating a huge library.

    Also the playlist order is messed up.

    So give the dev some time to implement filtering and the whatnot, then this is usable, bringing a nice feature finally to Windows platforms also 🙂



    May you add (SilverPlay) to the List?



    I am looking for a client that does a good job of managing playlists on the server. I’m not really so much looking for a player as most of my playing is done via a Roku, but a playlist management client that will allow for the creation, deletion and editing, of static and smart playlists and perhaps the ability to export them.

    Can anyone give me a suggestion of one to investigate? Thanks very much.



    Anybody aware of any linux command line clients that can play from firefly?

    I’ve used herrie ( in past with local stored media……

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