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    Iam a newbie, so forgive me …..
    Using Mac OS 10. on my dectop and Linux SUSE on my media server, also using XBOX XBMC to play my mp3 and iso files DVD.
    I ´ve been searching for a solution to work my music playlists only one time in iTunes on my MAC and then copying this as m3u to xbox. A moore better way to play this iTunes playlists on my xbmc directly.
    Hoping firefly is it, I copied my iTunes libary from MAC to server and installed firefly last stable version on Linux server. (The latest version of firefly does not match on my linux server because of database errors).
    I now have firefly in my iTunes and can connect firefly with my xbox.
    But there are only “smartplaylists”, that are produced from firefly.
    I did not find a way to copy my existing playlists from itunes to firefly or forces firefly to list pl from iTunes.
    Where is my failing? Is it possible to to copy existing playlists to firefly? And how can I do?
    thanks for help


    In the advanced configuration section you have to turn on “process playlists” & “process iTunes library file”
    The advanced config section is accessed via the config page. There is a link near the top left corner.

    Not sure if XBOX understands DAAP though

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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