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    I have version 1586 and it is not password protected. And still does not work. With 1696 it is not stable.


    Hi , maybe you got too much song , i got less in my library ,

    my project ‘s name changed , it’s now tunesbox, i’ll post a version soon

    I should try with a little playlist to test

    Best regards


    Thanks for your effor Pacopad.

    The number of songs could be a reason. Currently over 11.000 and not yet finished ripping.
    I’ll keep an eye to your cydia repository. Are you going to use it too for your new tool?


    Hi Cojayar, here is the link of the last version : http://pacopad.free.fr/TunesBox.app.zip

    In fact, Cydia repo is quite hard to maintain because , you cant post directly the Xcode compiled version , you have to make a special one :(. So try to install directly the app , maybe your device should be patch for mobile installation with appsync or so . Tell me if you got matter to install this version , think about testing with a little playlist to see if it works



    thats funny… i searched the web in the hope of finding a iphone client, but no success.
    now that i started implementing my own client, i see your post hehehe.
    but well…
    i tried your app but it just shows me an empty tableview with a rightbarbuttonitem +.
    but it doesn’t do anything…

    how far did you get with your client?
    maybe you have a new version?
    wanna try out my stuff?



    Hi Kampfgnu, a friend that tried my app had this problem, i think that it’s a network/firewall problem on the computer that share the music. Tunesbox discovers Firefly server with “Bonjour” Protocol. Normaly if you activate music sharing in Itunes, you should see it in the list but can’t use it. For information the version it posted the 23 december is fully working here
    . Yep i would be interested by testing your work .



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