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    @johnrr6 wrote:

    The directions are not intuitive and say that you leave the setting to “Disabled” so you don’t enable any filtering on Multicast. (Makes sense)

    Nice… reminds me of Microsoft’s old policy editor. From their manual:

    Watch for double negatives—When you’re setting up policies in the System Policy Editor, read the options carefully: Some of them are stated in a very confusing manner. Sometimes you must click Disable to turn on a negative statement, meaning that you must say “no” when it seems that you mean “yes.”

    Don’t fix it though… heck no. Just document that it’s exactly what you don’t want to do. Niiice.

    Glad you got it going though.

    — Ron


    I have the same problem in Windows Vista however it work most of the time but sometimes not (My Firefly server is installed on Ubuntu and I am using it with Vista and Mac clients: the Mac client don’t experience connectivity problems). In Vista sometimes the Shared list appears but then out of a suddenly gets disconnected and it dissappears. I found out that it had something to do with the wirless network settings on the Windows PC. Connecting/disconnecting from it will bring back the the Shared Folder. Still not sure what causes it not to discover the FireFly server anymore.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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