export itunes ratings to mt-daapd

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    Ok, it works with the POPULARIMETER tag.
    But still this seems very hackish to me.

    Too bad that there doesnt seem to be any decent apps that allow to manage ratings in a sophisticated way.

    Thanks for the pointers, though. 🙂


    Hello FIZZE and BLAMM

    could you please tell me if my settings are o.k.?

    I use:
    Firefly 0.2.4
    System: i686-pc-linux-gnu
    MP3Tag: v. 2.39

    My settings for Itunes are o.k. as I do see all the files on my Itunes which are on the linux.

    But I do not see the ratings.

    Here is what I did in MP3Tag:
    I created a new colum.

    Name: Popularimeter




    Sort by:


    If I add some numbers into a tag, it displays the stars in MP3Tag (it also works with putting in stars directly).

    Then I save the tags and rescan the firefly database.
    But no ratings showing up in Itunes.

    Can anyone check my settings?

    Thanks to everybody who is involved in that project.



    Hm, iTunes when you browse firefly’s share, or iTunes when you browse those files directly?

    I do not use iTunes, I manily use a Soundbridge to connect.
    What I did to test this is I created a smart playlist within Firefly with rating > 50 for instance.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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