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    Java applications are limited to using 60-90MB RAM

    To increase the memory limit see here http://www.duckware.com/pmvr/howtoincreaseappletmemory.html



    Thank you very much for that link, now i’m happy again.
    😀 😀 😀


    I have a strange problem with the latest java client:

    There are some songs in our collection, that can only be played, when they are listed on the first position of the song list.
    If they are on the second position or further down in the result list, you cannot play then.
    When you try to play them, immediately the first song in the list is then automatically marked and played.

    If I use iTunes or the web based “FirePlay” client and connect to the same firefly database, this problem does not exist. So I suppose it has something to do with the Firefly Java Client.

    The problem is reproducable.

    If you need my database or any other Info, please let me know.

    Delete from playlists
    and then I have from time to time the situation, that the deletion of a song from a playlist does not work. I delete with a right mouse click … the entry does not disappeare … not even after restarting the Java client. (I have a shellscript that does the deleting for me …, so no big deal.)



    I’m having trouble managing playlists using the firefly client.
    I can create a new playlist, but I can’t drag any of the files into the playlist. The cursor stays as the circle with a line through it.
    I also can’t delete or rename any of the playlists I have created. Right clicking on the playlist or any song does nothing.

    I though this might be a java issue, so I uninstalled all my java and reinstalled the latest jre 6u13 from Sun.
    I’m running windows XP and the firefly server is version 1.2-pre1

    Thanks for any help or ideas on fixing this….


    After you have created a new playlist, you first have to click in the empty playlist. Only then you can go back to the Library, select songs and drag them onto the playlist. Otherwise you get the behavior that you are talking about …



    I’ve tried clicking just about everywhere I can. It still doesn’t seem to want to do anything for me.
    I’m able to use the firefly server playlist.html to modify my “static / web edited” playlists, so at least I know my media server is working I guess.

    I tried installing the jre 6u13 from sun on another virgin machine and I got the same problem.



    Looks like it was the version of firefly I was using, it was out of date.

    Looks like a very useful piece of software.



    I have been using the Java firefly client for many months without problems on my MacBook on 10.5 although my Powerbook G4 had a strange issue: some kind of chopping noise made it impossible to hear any songs at all. The client reads the library correctly and ITunes could play the same shared music without problems.

    Had the problem on the Powerbook only but now I am encountering the same issue on my MacBook.

    Someone on the Sourceforge forum suggested to exchange the order of the JAVA versions to be used by any applications in the java preferences. Here is the link to the post on sourceforge:


    That made me guess that an update of the JAVA somehow broke the client.
    Is there any security issue connected with changing that order?



    I’m at work, trying to connect to Firefly running on my ReadyNas at home. I know there are other clients that can do this (eg Songbird via the DAAP Add-on) but I’m chasing the holy grail of Last-FM-scrobbling-from-work.
    I read somewhere that the latest version of the Firefly client supports scrobbling.

    Does the Firefly client work on Windows XP (SP3) for this purpose?

    I downloaded the zip, extracted it and ran applet/fireflyclient.html in Firefox 3.5.

    I received an error message – it looked the FireflyClient.jar file couldn’t be found, so I copied that into the applet folder.

    The login box now opens, but I can only enter a name for the library – the host and port fields are disabled.

    Clicking ‘Next’ gives the error “Connection problem: Unable to connect: Not Found (status=404)”. I am assuming that this is because I did not (could not) enter a host..

    Any ideas?



    I can second the problem brought up by RigasW – sometimes a song will not play in the client unless it is in the first position or is the only song in the list. Here is the scenario:

    Song “Heaven” by Warrant from Monster Ballads. MP3, 128 BR (Whole Album)

    If I sort this album by any method that doesn’t put this song first, FFC switches to playing whatever the first song is when it reaches this song. If I sort by original album order, all songs play with incident. This happens all over my collection and it happens every time the track is the lowest track number AND is not in the first position. Sounds to me like a counter decrement issue somewhere in the code. Anyway I hope this helps you out.

    – Donald

Viewing 10 posts - 171 through 180 (of 187 total)
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